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About us

About us

We are a staff recruitment agency which offers services both to families (we recruit for them domestic staff) and to companies (we recruit staff for their teams), consisting of a dedicated team of specialists with human resources education and experience, coordinated by Amalia Iancu (Owner & Executive Director).

For those who don't know her, we ask Amalia to introduce herself in a few words:

"I have over 15 years of experience in leading positions for major Romanian companies, from various industries: from retail electronics and home appliances, to retail and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in making strategic business decisions, have built and consolidated human resources departments, recruited people from various positions in organizations (from entry level to top management), we have formed, evaluated and developed valuable people.

Passion for what I do, intuition, empathy, listening / communicating, adaptability, analysis and synthesis, complemented by honesty and morality are a few features that define me. All of these helps me easily develop relationships with people, win their trust, make them open in my presence, so I can help them. And finally, the joy in their eyes and their thanks load me with energy and give me the strength to move on".

Our Motto

"Be good in what you are doing. At some point, you will not need to present yourself, your deeds will present you"


Our mission, vision and values


We dedicate our entire activity to our customers to make their lives easier by offering them quality services, fulfilled with professionalism and dedication. The result counts for us!


We want to be the first choice for our clients: both for families /companies - when they need personalized staffing services and for candidates - when they want to find a job.


Seriousness - we respect our commitments and treat them with sense of responsibility, because every client is important for us

Transparency - we are honest and open to the relationship with our customers, inspiring trust

Ambition - we are creative, persevering and we find the right solutions, even where others say "can not"

Respect - we respect each other and treat others as we want others to treat us, appreciating the diversity of opinions and experiences

We consider our own employees as our "internal clients" and treat them appropriately, giving them understanding, flexibility (respecting the balance of work / private life) and support, knowing that their satisfaction depends ultimately on the satisfaction of our external clients.

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