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Our services

We offer staff recruitment services to companies in need of specialized personnel, from entry-level positions, up to management positions.

"Everyone his trade" - this is our motto behind which we guide our entire recruitment process and customer satisfaction is our goal.



How do we work?

We strictly handle every recruitment process to find the right person for each company, according to the requirements.

Our goal is to have satisfied customers and that is why we provide you with a database of candidates from Bucharest and adjacent areas, together with our entire experience and expertise in the field of human resources, as the ultimate result to enjoy you.

We approach the recruitment process professionally: we interview, evaluate and test the candidates carefully, we organize your meetings with them, we advise you to choose the most appropriate solution and offer you counseling during the warranty period, to accommodate and support the relationship with the chosen candidate.

The recruitment process follows:

Setting Requirements

By telephone or online (by e-mail or filling out the online form) you will give us details about the vacancy requirements and about the wanted person. We will sign a collaboration contract and you will pay us an advance on the recruitment fee.

Checking the Database

We check in the database the candidates that match your requirements, we'll contact them to check their availability an we'll include them in the "shortlist".

Advanced Search

If after checking the database we find that we do not have candidates that are compatible with your requirements, we will also access other recruiting channels to find the right person.

Candidates' Proposal

Later, we will propose a "shortlist" with up to 3 eligible candidates, which correspond to your requirements, from which you will select the right person. After presenting the "shortlist" you will pay us installment 2 of the recruitment fee.

Organizing Interviews

We will organize your interviews with the candidates (either at our headquarter or your headquarter) and you will receive support and advice from us for choosing the right person.

Candidate Choice

The terms of employment (work schedule, salary, benefits, duties, etc.) with the selected person will be discussed during the interview and after signing the employment offer, you will pay us the last installment of the recruitment fee.

Our fee

For our services, our agency charges a recruitment fee as follows:



 1 net employee salary*

*(but not less than 2.500 RON)

1/3 of the fee  - is paid upon signing the collaboration contract with agency

1/3 of the fee  - it will be paid upon presenting the "shortlist" of candidates

1/3 of the fee - it will be paid upon signing the hiring offer of the candidate

 1 month  1

If you decide to start a collaboration with us, we will sign a collaboration agreement and you pay us the advance of the recruitment fee to start the recruitment process.

After hiring the selected person and paying the full fee, you will also receive the complete file of the person you have chosen, with documents proving her skills (interview form), professional status (copy of diploma of studies and other qualifications), recommendations from former employers, legal situation (criminal record) and health status (medical family doctor's opinion).

The recruitment fee covers all agency expenses generated by this process: analyzing requirements, identifying possible compatible candidates from the database, publishing ads, selecting candidates, evaluating and interviewing them, organizing interviews with candidates, advising to choose the most appropriate variant, consultancy in the warranty period to support the collaboration relationship between the parties.

The recruitment fee above is not refundable and does not include the salary of the selected person.

The warranty of our services

If during the warranty period you find that you are not satisfied with the chosen person, we will set up you further interviews and we will replace the person once, without any other cost on your part.

However, the replacement of the person during the warranty period is conditioned by the simultaneous fulfillment of 2 conditions:

  1. full payment of the recruitment fee;
  2. compliance with the terms of employment agreed with the hired person (ex. payment of the wage on time and in the agreed amount, payment of overtime over the agreed schedule, payment of any additional assigned tasks, etc.).

During the warranty period, you will receive our advice (by phone), in order to accommodate the selected person in a short period of time. At the same time, we will keep in touch (by phone) with the hired person in supporting the relationship with the new company and in accommodating with new responsibilities.


We look forward to work together!

Choose Star Family agency and together we will find the right solution for your business!

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