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For Candidates

We help you find a job

Finding a job requires time, effort and resources on your part, but we can offer you help in identifing the job that suits you and we can advise you to do the better choice for you. Your signing up in our database, your advising by our specilists and finding a job for you are free.

Your signing up in our database, your advising by our specilists and finding a job for you are free.

How do we work

Our goal is to have satisfied candidates and that is why we will make the whole of available our experience and expertise in human resources to find your job according to your expectations.

Your collaboration with the Star Family agency will be like this:

By telephone or online (by e-mail or filling out the online form) you will give us details about the job you are interested in, the work schedule, the desired salary, the area you prefer to work, other expectations, etc.

Later on, we will contact you by phone and set up an interview on WhatsApp (video), where we will assess your acquired skills and abilities, your level of experience on the job, we will check your compatibility with vacancy requirements and then we will also make a psychological assessment.

We will organize your interviews with families interested to meet you either on WhatsApp (video), or on the another favorite location by families and you will receive support from us for choosing the right option for you.

The terms of employment (job responsibilities, work schedule, salary, possible benefits, work location, etc.) will be discussed with the family - employer in the presence of the Star Family agency representative, during the interview.

If you decide to accept one of the family offers, you will start a probationary period for that family, which finally, could be confirmed. Throughout this period, you will benefit from our support, free of charge, to accommodate and support the relationship with your new employer.

However, if you consider that you are not compatible with the requirements of that post, or simply do not want to continue working with that family, we will continue to present you to other families until you find a job that you like it and in which you feel comfortable.

You will provide us with the following documents :

a) Copy of Identity Card

b) Copy of the diploma / other qualifications you have

c) Family Doctor's certificate - attests that you are fit for work and have no contagious diseases

d) Copy of the criminal record

e) Recommendations from the former / current employer - which we will check later

f) Copy of driving license (if applicable)

In case you are not in possession of all of the above documents, we will establish another date when you could send them on WhatsApp /by e-mail.

All of these documents will be part of a file personally, which will only be available to the family-employer, if you will be hired - we will sign a contract by which you will give your consent to process your personal data and then make it available to your future employer. 

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I Am Looking For a Job

We look forward to work together!

With Star Family agency, you can find your desired job!

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